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 Marketing Strategy + Effective Communication = Business Growth

Can't Find the Right Words?

You want to market your business. You want to send out a brochure, write a sales letter, develop a website, establish an online presence... BUT, you don't know what to say! Take comfort in knowing that you are human if you feel this way. Finding the right words to market your business is extremely difficult.

Stop right now! Think, really think...are you are the best person to write the words in your marketing materials?

If you are the heart and soul of your business, chances are you are "too close" to write the most effective marketing content. You may know everything and anything that there is to know about your product or service, but that still does not make you the optimal person for the copywriting job. The best person to write marketing content for you is someone who:

  1. is highly educated in the field of marketing;
  2. conducts research in the field of marketing on a regular basis;
  3. completely understands marketing...from the basics (price, promotion, place, product) to highly sophisticated strategic marketing tactics;
  4. is prepared to conduct market research for you;
  5. knows how to draw out the correct information from you;
  6. understands consumer buying behaviors;
  7. seeks to help you deliver marketing that informs, educates, and persuades your target audience how you fulfill their needs and desires.

Before you hire a professional writer, please note: just because someone knows how to write well, that doesn't mean that they are the best person to write marketing copy for your business.

Writing clear, concise copy is definitely necessary for effective marketing. But, what makes marketing most effective is content that communicates why consumers need that product or service and content that triggers buyers' emotions. In other words, 'Hot Button' marketing copy: "[n]o matter what you're selling, you're dealing with humans who buy more on emotion than any kind of logical thought process" (feig, 2006, p.4). How do you tap into your target market's emotional thought process? Learn about your customers through market research!

Your marketing content writer must completely understand marketing. That person should be fully prepared to help you conduct market research so that you and he/she completely understands who your client is. That person should know how to determine the best marketing tactics and the optimal words to use within each marketing initiative.

And, guess what...PKG Communications can help you do all of this! We are your outsourced marketing department.

If you have any questions, comments, or arguments, please email them to:


Feig, B. (2006). Hot Button Marketing. Adams Media; Avon, MA.

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Customer Testimonials

"Thanks so much for all your great help. Your efforts will be a huge part of our success!!!"
- Tracy Steere, Abbotsford in motion

"Since PKG Communications has re-written my website content, with a marketing and google optimized twist, my online video sales has doubled...and the number of unique visitors to my site has increased by 700% in 2 months."
- Lynn Leach, Downriver Administration

"Thanks again for exposing Maverick in a way that got us the great results we wanted!!"
- Sandy Bodnar, Maverick Construction Ltd.

Is your current marketing efforts yielding the results you want?

Well, perhaps you aren't communicating effectively.



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