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 Marketing Strategy + Effective Communication = Business Growth

How to gain attention from the media.

Seeking the spotlight: how to gain media attention for your business.
Written by: Alison Ensworth

After expending a great deal of time, money, and energy, you have finally established your own business amid a world of economic chaos. You have beaten the odds and successfully mounted a foothold in the market. Now, as though it is an offspring, you want to see it thrive, to grow to a point at which it can sustain itself with strength and good health. It's time to reinforce your newborn enterprise in its fast-paced, perilous environment. This is no easy task, but it is more than doable. The key is in the media. Win enough positive attention from the public eye and your business will have a better chance of succeeding. How is it done? PKG Communications can help! Here are some important strategies for getting your business noticed:

1. Put on your face.
Create an attractive logo, vision statement, and company slogan that will appeal to your target market. Make them memorable and interesting, tailored to represent who you are, what you stand for, and why your company is superior.

2. Put yourself on the map.
Make sure your business is accurately listed in the telephone book and on the I nternet. Set up a company website that details your business' services, location(s), hours, and prices. Choose suitable keywords to maximize the number of hits your site receives through search engines like Google. You may also want to consider setting up a Facebook account, launching a post on YouTube, or submitting an article on Wikipedia. If you keep a low profile, you may weaken your chances of being reached by consumers.

3. Hire a crier.
This is the direct approach to media exposure. Set aside some money in your budget for advertising. Splash your name, logo, and slogan across flyers, billboards, buses, ice rinks, newspapers, television, websites, etc. Give out swag marked with your insignia. Pay to have your product placed in movies and television shows. Advertising rates are variable, so you are likely to find one that suits your budget. Enter your business in competitions for the fastest growing, newest technology, top company, etc. Send out press releases. Make yourself heard!

4. Throw a party.
Host an event in the community that will attract the media. A restaurant might attempt to break a world record for the largest pizza, for example. Enter a dragon boat in the local dragon boat races, or contribute a float to the community parade. Collaborate with other businesses for extra support and further media exposure. Start a club or society that runs out of your business. Sponsor an event in which many people will participate, such as a fireworks display or a music festival. In other words, make the media come to you.

5. Share your expertise.
Commit a few hours a week to educating amateurs. Some fabric stores give sewing lessons, for instance, and certain bookstores hold writing workshops from time to time. Many businesses host internships that help build networks. This is a most lucrative type of generosity, and an excellent way to scout out potential employees.

Ultimately, your goal is to stick your neck out where people are going to find it. You want to maximize your positive public exposure (emphasis on positive) so you can attract a larger number of customers. Take advantage of the services PKG Communications offers, and allow us to assist you with any or all of these strategies. With the right publicity, you will develop a suitable clientele and a reputation that will help sustain your business. Remember: a little effort directed at marketing your business can be extremely profitable in the end.

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Gain Media Attention

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