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 Marketing Strategy + Effective Communication = Business Growth

Proposal Writing

PKG Communications has developed a successful formula for writing award-winning business proposals. We use this formula to help our clients plan, write and edit both solicited and unsolicited business proposals. Our knowledge of government procurement processes and commercial request for proposal (RFP) evaluation techniques has helped countless clients secure government and commercial bids.

Proposal Planning Services

PKG Communications helps you create a proposal that is sure to differentiate you from your competitors. We teach you how to write persuasively and format the document in a way that evaluation teams can easily find all required, mandatory and desirable criteria. Planning the optimal content outline is the first step to writing a successful proposal. Essentially, we provide you with this outline to success!

Proposal Writing Services

Our writers are business savvy professionals who take pride in their approach and deliverables. We work with clients to write persuasive RFP responses that detail all mandatory and desirable criteria. You are the expert in your business; therefore, it is essential that you understand that you play a key role in the proposal development process. We will help you determine your approach and methodology to meeting and exceeding the RFP requirements. Equipped with the knowledge of your marketing efforts to date, your corporate profile, values and competitive advantage, PKG Communications will help you strategically place essential content throughout the document.

Proposal Editing Services

You are the expert in your business! Therefore, in many cases the optimal approach is:

  • PKG Communications provides you with a strategic outline (where to insert content);
  • PKG Communications helps you and your employees draft your responses within the body of the proposal;
  • PKG Communications reviews and edits the proposal; and
  • PKG Communications offers recommendations to strengthen the proposal.

PKG Communications wrote the following successful proposals for clients. A successful proposal is one that results in short-list, request for corporate presentation, interview, contract award, extended contract or funding donation.

  • Vancouver International Airport Wildlife Control Program
  • University of Victoria Faculty of Business Website Re-Design
  • National Collaborating Centre for Environmental Health Consulting Services and Web Design
  • Greater Vancouver Translink Authority On-going Service Contract
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Lands Website Conversion
  • Vancouver International Airport Wildlife Control Ongoing Research
  • Vintage Management Corporation Post Office Restoration Project
  • Arthritis Society Web Inventory Project
  • Faronics Corporation Content Managed
  • BC College of Teachers Website Graphical User Interface Redesign

To learn more about our proposal writing services, RFP responses, EOI responses, RFQ responses, and/or research and grant proposal writing, please contact us today!

Proposal Writing

Customer Testimonials

"Not only does PKG Communications oversee our marketing direction, but also heads up our proposal projects when needed. The success rate with our proposals has considerably increased since PKG took the reigns. Since PKG adopted us as a client in 2005, our revenue has doubled each year."
- Aaron Wylie, DigiCoyote Software Inc.

"I have always thought that I had to do things myself if I wanted it done right. Since hiring PKG, I have realized that it will get done BETTER if I allow an expert to do it. PKG was professional, organized and detailed specifically what needed to be done and walked me through the process. I will use PKG for all of my report and proposal writing needs!"
- Lynn Leach, Downriver Administration

We learn about you,

your business,

your goals...

And, we write award winning proposals that help you achieve those goals.



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