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Customer Satisfaction Surveys

What Keeps your Customers Coming Back?

Great service? Low prices? Atmosphere? Unique product? Consistency? Habit?

Do you know why your customers come back? If you don't know, you should ask. And, if you think you know why your customers come back to you, you should still ask, don't assume...

"Well how do I ask," you say? There are several ways to ask. But, the best way is: give them a short customer satisfaction survey to complete. We can help you create this short survey. We can help you find out what your customers like/dislike about your products/services and perhaps more importantly, why.

PKG will gather the survey results and develop monthly or quarterly reports with easy-to-read charts. Historic comparisons can reveal changes in internal efficiencies.

The results of these surveys are critical information. Some respondent's responses can be solutions to un-surfaced problems. The results of your customer satisfaction surveys should be used to adjust your internal communications (policies, procedures, training materials) and your overall marketing strategy. And, when utilized efficiently these results will help you build loyal relationships with your clientele.

For more information about how PKG Communications can help you develop, implement and analyze customer satisfaction surveys, please contact us today.

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Don't assume you know how your customers feel, find out for sure with a customer satisfaction survey. The results and the information you get from these surveys are worth $$$$$$$ and should be implemented throughout your internal policies and procedures and your marketing strategies.


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